College students have opinions?!

Hello blogging world. As a college creative writing major one of the most commons bits of advice StumbleUpon likes to throw at me is that, in order to be successful in the modern age, a writer must START A BLOG.

However, in order to have a blog you’ve got to have something to talk about–opinions, if you will. I like a lot of things, but none of them are that fascinating to talk about if I just say “I like baking. Cupcakes are my favorite” or something. And then, in the process of trying (and failing) to get a student loan to help finance my upcoming study abroad semester in Grantham, England, I had a sort of blogging epiphany, and realized something fascinating about becoming a “young adult”.
I. Have. Opinions.
Thus, this blog is born. Maybe it’ll be interesting, maybe it’ll suck, but here’s the deal: Fellow college students, join in and talk about the realities of college today. Group therapy in the form of complaints and hilarious anecdotes. Future college students, prepare for the truth about college that high school teachers, parents, and college officials don’t, can’t, and even won’t tell you.

Oh, and the blog title? Had to go with the “starving college student” approach. Though I assure you, I don’t expect anyone to actually feed me (unless you have chocolate. Or cupcakes.)


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