Checking in: A Quick Account of Things I Miss about America

Hello internet people! A quick word before I take you into the main body of my post for the day: Thank you! My readership seems to have (slightly) increased recently, and I’m so happy that you all find my insane ranting/tales of travel interesting.

I realize that most of you are friends and family, and I really appreciate your support. If you’re not someone who knows me in real life, I really appreciate your support, too! On that note, please feel free to comment–this doesn’t have to be a one sided affair. I’d be happy to get to know you, my readers, as more than mere numbers that slowly accumulate. And if you’ve found yourself here for the first time and have no idea what I’m on about, that’s fine, too! I’m just a little bit excited that you’re here. Anyway, enough of that and on to what you’re (presumably) here for!

So, I’ve talked a lot about how much I love the UK and how much I could just live here and own a secondhand bookshop and be happy forever. That being said, I’ve also told you before how attached I am to my hometown in Ohio. Thus, let’s talk about the things I DO miss about the good old USA (or the colonies, as our professors jokingly say). Brought to you in list form (WITH PICTURES), here it is.

1) My Car.
I confess this isn’t a uniquely American concept so much as something I can’t have because it is still IN America, but it’s definitely the thing I miss most. The freedom of having my own vehicle to hop in and drive off whenever I need things is a luxury I definitely miss. And I admit I miss the little rust spots and the weird noise my car makes when it reverses, too.

2) Free Refills
Did you know that in the UK (and most of Europe, so I hear) when you order a Diet Coke that’s exactly what you get? A Diet Coke. Just the one. Savor it. For it is all you may have, no matter how much you bat your eyelashes at the waiter and hope he will take pity on you and give you a refill. (Yes, I’ve tried it. Don’t judge me.)

3) Taco Bell
It is probably a bad thing that this is something I miss. But I need my bad, vaguely Tex-Mex fast food that is essentially less healthy that dog food. It’s a thing.

4) Skyline
For those of you who don’t hail from the Cincinnati area and don’t know what this is, your life is a sad thing. Skyline is a magical chili-ish thing that we put on noodles, hot dogs, and in a dip that is then slurped up with tortilla chips. I especially like it in dip form. Sadly, Europe is even LESS likely to have Skyline than Indiana is.

5) Not Feeling Like My Voice Lacks Character
In America, it is okay that I have no accent. I actually took pride in the fact that, other than my use of the word “pop,” nothing about me really revealed which state I was from. Suddenly, my voice just screams “Hi, I am American and boring. I do not have a cool accent. Laugh at how boring my voice is.” While I understand that the British do not think that they have accents, I love their voices. And that makes me sad. Because I want to sound awesome, too.

6) The People I Left Behind

Hi there! If you’re reading this, there’s a high probability that you are someone I miss! You, most of all, make America a place that I love. Although I’m not overly fond of hot dogs or apple pie, and while I only like baseball in this vague way that makes me want to jump on the field, take the bat, and start playing again, I DO love my friends and family. And a lot of them are still in America. And that makes me sad. (Also, I miss my cat. He is adorable. That is all that I will say, at risk of becoming dangerous old cat lady-esque. Although, adding the picture of him PROBABLY negates my efforts to seem not obsessed with my cat. But look at him. He is sad because I left him. And it’s adorable.)


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