When the Stress Comes Marching In (Or, When I Really Fail At A Clever Title)

Well, internet people, it’s here. That beautiful time in the semester when all those things you’ve been putting off because they aren’t due in forever suddenly start coming due. You know how it is. And somehow, no matter how many times I tell myself it’s coming, I never expect crunch time will really show up to kick me in the brain–HARD. But here it is, and I’ve got to buckle down, do some research, write some papers, and just generally remember how to care.

I have to admit, I’m doing worse with the pressure than I usually do. Rather than get down to business (you know you want to finish that with “to defeat the Huns”) I’ve been getting down to apathy. I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate. Watched a lot of YouTube videos. Taken a LOT of naps. But no matter how long I sleep, pin things on Pinterest, refresh the Twitter feed, and stare at Facebook, the due dates don’t disappear. Rather, they just keep getting closer and closer.

Maybe’s it’s being in England that’s making me feel so opposed to doing any work. Or maybe I’m just lazy. But this whole semester really feels more like an adventure than a semester at all. I should be off flirting with British boys and eating in pubs every night, not sitting in bed hunched over my Chaucer research paper, or my Shakespeare project and subsequent paper, or any of the other things I’ve got to do.

I guess what I’m saying is that procrastination is an interesting beast. At least for me, I’m usually perfectly aware when I’m procrastinating and I’m perfectly aware that I’m going to regret it. Yet here I am, writing a blog post instead of doing my British Studies homework or, heaven forbid, working on my honors paper. So if you’re out there, internet people, let’s have an opinion–why do we procrastinate? Is it because we secretly love the thrill of knowing we’re supposed to be doing something productive, but aren’t? Is it because we simply never learn?

When you figure it out, let me know. Until then, I’ll be off trying to motivate myself to do something important. But probably, I’ll be eating chocolate and drinking Diet Coke.


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