My Adventure Abroad, London Field Trip and Costume Ball Edition

His name was Alfred. Don’t ask.

Hey there internet people! I figured it was about time for an update on my adventures in glorious England. The semester is winding down, and I’ve been writing my big old honors paper and scraping together another piece for workshop. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been time for a little debauchery.

Friday we had a class field trip to London, where we investigated Saint Paul’s cathedral and then explored the city for a few hours. This was my third trip to London (can’t believe I can say something like that!) and I felt a little bit like an expert on navigating the streets (read, following Lesley around). But the thing about big cities is, they always have a new surprise for you. This time around we uncovered the glorious Chocolate Festival, at which I bought the most delicious chocolate cupcake EVER. We also found a nice Mexican restaurant and had what felt like our first proper meal in ages. And while my Sperrys gave me yet another horrible outbreak of blisters (apparently, one cannot simply break in one’s Sperrys by walking in them) I still had a wonderful time.

Saturday was the day of the Costume Ball, which mostly involved me lying in bed watching Degrassi all day until it was time to don my Lavender Brown costume for a second time. Dinner was chicken WITHOUT BONES, which is a momentous occasion. Had a bit of wine as well and then we all hit the great hall for some dancing. I have to admit, it was one of the more fun dance experiences I’ve ever had–maybe I was channeling my inner Lavender and going just a little bit crazy? Regardless, it was a great time, even if it was some of the weirdest music I’ve ever danced to.

Today was comprised of more Degrassi. I know it’s a guilty pleasure, but once I start again I get horribly addicted. So much drama, it just sucks me in. Plus, since I had to write my workshop piece, I told myself all the drama would help me draw inspiration. But of course, it mostly just gave me an excuse to not think about the writer’s block.

The story is written, my paper just needs editing, and in a few weeks I’ll be touring the Harry Potter studios and THEN I’ll be in Italy. My semester abroad is drawing to a close, and surprisingly enough I’m feeling ready to go home to my family, my car, my cat, and making my own food. I know I will miss this adventure and some of the great new people I’ve met, but it has also been kind of exhausting. Hopefully, once I’ve rested up, there is more adventure on my horizon! Until then… well there’s always prepping for finals, right? Ugh.


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