Why I’ve Fallen in Love With "Eating Healthy"

Hello, internet people! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Between working at least five days a week (while smiling at the fact that my bank account balance is finally going UP instead of DOWN again), spending time with my friends, family, and recently acquired boyfriend, I have hardly had time to drum up any solid opinions to blog about. But one thing that has changed this summer is my motion towards eating healthier (as well as a bit less, trying to shed that Europe weight).

Yes, I’ve been scouring food blogs and Pinterest for recipes that are not only delicious, but include plenty of fruits, veggies, protein, calcium and fiber. I never thought I’d become a health nut. I LOVE chocolate like nobody’s business and used to spend half my time downing Pepsi Max (we’ll get to why that’s “used to” in a bit). And then I had to face two realities–my health took a turn for the worse and I stepped onto a scale. Only 5 pounds under my former hell weight and feeling like absolute crap day after day had finally become enough. At 20 years old, I was feeling like I had the internal workings of a much older woman. A much older, much heavier woman.

And so it began. My mom started Weight Watchers and I started watching what I ate, as well. Every week I make sure to cook at least 3 home made dinners for the family, usually a “healthy” recipe or at the very least using all fresh ingredients. Gone are the days of pop tarts and sugary cereal for breakfast, of microwave dinners… and surprisingly, I DON’T miss that stuff. It’s only been about a week and a half and already, I feel great enough that I feel the need to share this with the internet at large. I’m not on a diet. I’m changing my lifestyle. And it feels amazing.

The truth of it is, there are plenty of recipes for delicious healthy food out there on the internet if you’re only willing to look. True, not everyone loves cooking the way that I do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find quick, easy recipes that are still a lot healthier than some of the things you can get out of a box or a drive thru window. I’m not harping on you here–we ALL eat unhealthy sometimes. That’s just the way it is this day and age. I’m just reminding you, good food IS out there. All you have to do is look. And I, for one, feel 100% better for it.

There’s just one teensy struggle I’m having. I went to the doctor recently and learned that one of my health issues is likely the result of my beloved diet pop. Her recommendation (nay, her command) was to give up the stuff. Entirely. For good. I’m on day four without my caffeinated chemical water and it’s still pretty miserable–I’m tired and my head aches, not to mention I about jumped over the counter at every customer that bought a Coke Zero at work this morning. Sadly, the desire to be healthy and live my life free of major complications is going to have to win out against my beloved beverage. I’m sure that in time I’ll miss Pepsi Max, etc about as much as I miss pop tarts, which is almost not at all, aside from the random craving every now and again.

So there it is, internet folks. My little pitch for home cooking and healthier ingredients. Because, cheesy as it is, you really ARE what you eat (insert audience groans here). And I am already feeling the results of making a small change in my dietary habits.


2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Fallen in Love With "Eating Healthy"

  1. I LOVE this blog because honestly I agree 100%! I have definetly neglected my healthier eating habits in college and gained that freshman 15.. I dreaded getting on the scale when I got home for the summer and saw the number appearing on the screen. And while I have never been the kind to become a gym rat I signed up for one and have been eating healthier and I can't believe the 180 it has caused. Yeah, those sugary treats made my tastebuds jump for joy the rest of my body did not. I am definetly going to follow you on pinterst so I can try some of your healthy recipes.

    Get it girl! I miss you,

  2. It's hard in college, what with cafeteria food and being busy and stuff. I'm glad to hear you're getting healthy again, too. We should definitely share recipes! Best of luck to you!

    Always great hearing from you!


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