The Terrifying Task of Packing and Moving (In That Temporary, Collegiate Fashion)

Hello internet people. Summer’s nearly through, which means it’s that time again–time to move back to campus (can you believe this is my third time? Wow. I’m old).

And this semester, my glorious friends (Gina, Lesley, and Emily) and I are moving not into a dorm but into our very own (on campus) apartment! Which, aside from being INCREDIBLY EXCITING, also means that, in my excitement, I’ve acquired two giant bags of extra stuff that I bought in preparation for living in our very own space with MORE THAN ONE ROOM. Yes, that’s right. I can do homework on our couch, not my bed. I can eat in a kitchen, not my bed. I can sleep in my bed… and only sleep there! Those of you who’ve lived in a dorm understand the great and glorious reality that this presents. It is terribly, terribly exciting stuff we’re talking about here.

Just one of the many stacks lying around the house.

But with T-10 days to move in, I find myself facing the daunting prospect of packing up my life and moving it 4 hours away for the duration of the school year. And what do I do to tackle that giant stack of stuff in the basement and in my room and probably scattered throughout the house that entails the material possessions that I need in my life? Obviously, I stare at it in horror and then hide under the covers watching TV and eating ice cream. Obviously.

The trouble is, no matter how excited I am, my stuff is not actually going to sort through itself and climb into boxes that will apparate themselves into the trunk of my car in time to move in next Sunday (NEXT SUNDAY!). At some point, I have to tackle the giant mess in my basement and the giant mess in my room and get it into a form that can be stuffed into my beloved ’92 Honda Accord and be moved to the glorious apartment that my friends and I have all dubbed “Beezus.”

I guess the moral of the story here is that it’s hard sometimes to motivate yourself to do the things that you KNOW you need to do. In fact, the more pressing the matter becomes, sometimes the more tempting it is to do everything you can to avoid actually doing it.

Of course, I know I’ll eventually motivate myself to sort through it all and get packed up. Until then, I can always waste more time blogging about it. Feel free to procrastinate whatever you should be doing by telling me about it in the comments. Because what else is the internet for if not to avoid doing stuff?


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