Beezus: The Saga Continues

First, the good news–the perpetual techno rave seems to have subsided into random bursts of bizarre tapping. Perhaps they are trying to create their own new genre of music up there. Perhaps our worst fears have been realized and they’ve been sacrificing virgins to the sound of techno for weeks but have run out of virgins and are contemplating the next step. Regardless, it’s nice to have a little bit less noise coming from up there (as long as, of course, they aren’t plotting to murder the four of us).

Additionally, our porch looks BEAUTIFUL. It’s all painted and has screens and everything. I’m so proud. 

On the down side of things, however, is the fact that this morning Lesley made the alarming discovery of none other than a COCHROACH in our kitchen. I immediately envisioned a horrible nuclear explosion, leaving only our kitchen cochroaches on the planet. But that may be from watching too much Fairly Odd Parents as a child.

A single cochroach is probably not that big a deal. We will just be sure not to leave food lying around to attract any of its buddies. But still, whenever I am standing in our kitchen now I can’t help but imagine a terrifying army of insects swarming my poor exposed feet.

Thus yet another apartment stereotype comes true–you can, in fact, acquire bug infestations, additional to having loud neighbors above you. I can’t help but wonder… what adventures await us next?


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