Our Pet Squirrel and other Nonsense

A bit of news from around the apartment as I prepare to embark on winter break.

First off, it’s Christmas time around Beezus (and everywhere, I suppose. Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, in which case it’s not).That means we’ve strung up some lights, taped pictures of Christmas related things on the walls, and even improvised a Christmas tree out of a coloring book drawing. Being a college student means that actual Christmas trees are entirely too expensive and even the little fake ones are a bit tough to convince yourself to pay for. Thus, the paper tree was born!

Additionally, we have a new friend. The other day I noticed a cute little squirrel (not so evil when you know they can’t reach you) sitting on the ledge outside our window. He was adorably hanging out but he scurried off before I could take a picture. Then today, Emily called me over to tell me that our friend was back. We decided to name him Phillip and spent an alarming amount of time watching him eat an acorn on the ledge while I took pictures. I think we’re probably a little bit pet deprived, because I feel a surprising amount of attachment to my little squirrel buddy.

 As I prepare to write a final essay, revise my science fiction and fantasy stories, and study for a final that’s worth 55% of my grade, I’d like to say I’m very worried and motivated. But mostly, I’m motivated to do things like post on my blog so I can avoid doing actual work.


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