Finals Week Stress Dreams: Harry Potter Edition

So, last night I had a dream. And not just any dream. Not even a dream about Darth Vader holding up a grocery store. No. In this dream, things got weirder than weird.

It started out relatively normal, for like all of five seconds. My genre fiction writing professor and another professor from the glorious Creative Writing department apparently wrote a musical version of Harry Potter. Kind of like A Very Potter Musical but I’m relatively certain it was meant to be entirely serious and not at all funny.

Which is why it was probably a bad life choice on their parts to cast me, a 5’9” brunette female with relatively curvy curves, to play the one and only Ron Weasley. Yep. I dreamed I was cast as Ron Weasley, my beloved favorite character and crush for the entirety of my childhood. I’m not sure what that says psychologically and I’m not sure I care to know.

But there I was. Rehearsing my numerous food-related songs (for some reason, my brain apparently assumes that Ron would almost exclusively sing about food, including some gems such as “Malfoy, you brain might as well be a casserole…”). There was one glorious, flawless rehearsal in which I apparently was capable of singing and somehow being a redheaded (gorgeous) male.

But then, the night before opening night. I spontaneously forgot all my lines. Every. Single. One. I couldn’t even remember the bit about the casserole. Like anyone could forget that. That was the point at which things stopped being weird and confusing and started being really, really stressful.

I had lost my copy of the play. I begged a classmate to let me borrow hers so that I could practice. In this dream, by the way, the entire cast of the play were literature and creative writing majors, which I assume had something to do with our professors having written the thing. But anyway, I scrambled to try and memorize my lines in the hours leading up to the opening of Dr. Griffith and Professor Bone’s masterpiece, the Harry Potter Musical.

Anyway. The theater was huge, the seats packed, and the Amanda totally not prepared to sing about food while also trying to sound and behave like a guy. I didn’t even have the fortune of waking up in the middle of it. Instead, I got to spend my opening song fumbling with trying to remember my lines until Hermione took pity on me and stepped in, cutting me off and jumping right ahead into her song.

Not the best way to start my day, but I blame finals week and the stress of knowing that my one and only final is, in fact, tomorrow. Anyway, I hope my weird confusing dream provides some entertainment as we all embark on the last few days of finals here at UE!


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