College Girl Cooks: Easy Spinach Omelet

So as you all well know, I’m doing my very best to ACTUALLY eat healthier this year instead of just telling myself I will and then totally not doing it. That’s not always easy when you’re a college student trying to juggle school work, a part time job, some semblance of a social life, and not going bankrupt in the process.

But there are plenty of easy, healthy options available out there. I’ve been doing a lot more experimentation in the kitchen department lately as I get more and more comfortable around food and our bizarre, sickly oven. Anyway, I happened to be fiddling around with how to get a nice, fluffy but still light and healthy omelet and I had what is probably not actually that much of an epiphany: use one egg and one egg WHITE. I know. I’m a freaking genius. I swirled it up with some milk, threw it on the stove, and thus my fluffy and delicious spinach omelet was born. It’s nothing overly complicated, but it tastes amazing and is quick and easy to make, so it’s a win for me!

I confess it, my omelets aren’t very pretty. But they are delicious!

A handful of baby spinach, stems removed
1 egg
1 egg white
About 1 tsp milk (more or less, depending upon your preference)
1 slice cheese of choice (I like to use Sargento’s mozzerella/cheddar mix)
Olive oil (or cooking spray if that’s all you have on hand)
Salt, to taste

1) Grease a small skillet with just a dash of oil olive or cooking spray.
2) Set to medium heat and throw your handful of baby spinach on there. Keep an eye on it and stir occasionally to keep from burning it. 
3) While the spinach is wilting, mix your egg, egg white, and milk in a small bowl. Give it a nice little whisk with your fork, until it’s all mixed together well and about one consistent color. 
4) Check on your spinach to make sure it’s good and wilted. Remove from heat (I usually just scrape it out of the skillet onto a small plate so I can reuse that skillet).
5) Pour egg mixture onto preheated skillet (at medium heat, as it should still be if you use the same one for the spinach).
6) Giving just a few seconds for things to firm up, toss your spinach over half of the egg mixture, then add your slice of cheese (I like to break it in half so I can spread it over a larger area of the omelet). If you’re a salt addict like myself, sprinkle a little of that on there as well.
7) When the omelet starts to fluff up and solidify, flip it according to your method of choice (I always just poke at it with a spatula because flipping it the proper way seems too complicated for me).
8) When the omelet appears solidified (no runny stuff comes out when you flip it, unless a bit of cheese escapes), serve it up! Pairs well with some fruit for a nice breakfast!


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