Introducing… Amanda Reads

It may come as no surprise to you that I do a bit of reading, seeing as how I have a lovely little degree in creative writing/literature that (at least theoretically) proves it. Since graduating, however, it feels like my opportunities to share my opinions about what I’ve read have grown more scarce. Would you believe I actually miss required journals?

Anyway, to that end I’m starting yet another new series on the blog, called “Amanda Reads” (for those of you who are old enough, please mentally pronounce this in the same tone as The Amanda Show’s “Amanda Please.”)

What will you find here? A mixture of my very biased personal opinion, my literary opinion, my opinion as a writer, and possibly (definitely) some emotional responses to things, including movie adaptations, characters, etc. It’s going to be part review, part “isn’t reading just great regardless of alleged literary merit?”, and hopefully a splash of awesome relatability.

If this sounds like something for you, please enjoy this series! I expect to have the first post (about my experience very slowly reading the Song of Fire and Ice series while dodging TV show spoilers) within the week.


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