Amanda Reads Harder in 2015

Hello, internet people. It may be a little late to announce my reading challenge plans in 2015, but I could have SWORN that I had already written a post about this (seriously–maybe I dreamed it?). Anyway, happy new year! With a new year comes new books, and I’m staring my first full syllabus-free year (in my entire life!) in the face. With that in mind, I thought “How can I continue to challenge myself rather than falling into a reading rut?”

Enter my favorite book-related website, Book Riot. This year, they’ve written up a “read harder” challenge that emphasizes book diversity in all its forms, including author’s age, gender, race, sexual identity, and book genre and format. I can already assume that this will lead to some mixed results and some interesting posts in the new year (nobody can like everything, am I right?)

My first Read Harder book is F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s The Other Side of Paradise, which fulfills the “author under 25” category. Given my complicated relationship with Gatsby, I can only assume this will be an interesting journey.

I also went ahead and upped my Goodreads challenge goal in a big way: I’m aiming to break 100 books this year! Basically, I’m hoping to read more books overall, and I’m hoping to discover new books and writers that I didn’t even know I would like–that’s the joy of reading outside your comfort zone.

So, in 2015 let’s get reading!

(Let me know in the comments if you’re taking any book challenges or what you’re hoping for out of this coming year).

UPDATE: Another small bit of news: I’ve joined Bloglovin, a site that lets you follow all of your favorite blogs in one place. Just another way for you all to keep up with the blog, should you choose. You can find me here.


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