Amanda Reads: These Vicious Masks

All right, internet people, I write to you in an excited “I just finished this book and I need to talk about it” fever. I have been reading basically all day because These Vicious Masks hooked me and wouldn’t let me go.

these-vicious-masksI’d been hearing about the book here and there on the internet for a while, but for some inexplicable reason, it took me a while to get around to reading it. The copy describes it as “Jane Austen meets X-Men.” For those of you who don’t know, that basically translates to “everything Amanda wants and needs.”

I was not disappointed by this one at all. I started reading it this morning and ripped through it in a single day. Don’t you just love the books that inspire you to take a day to read?

The book has a lot of humor, suspense, and well-developed characters–all important things, in my opinion. The narrator is compelling and definitely willing to stand up for herself. You won’t find her swooning into someone’s arms in hysterics, that’s for sure.

These Vicious Masks kept me guessing and surprised me at every turn–something I’m finding more and more rare these days. It has also taught me that I have trouble spelling the word vicious when I’m thinking about it.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Jane Austen, X-Men or generally just good books with a bit of fantasy twist to them. This book is going to be part of a series, but because life is cruel, the next book, These Ruthless Deeds is not set to come out until March 14th of 2017. Which just so happens to be a few days before my birthday, if anyone was looking for something to get me… wink wink.


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