Amanda Reads: The Law of Attraction

This week on Amanda Reads, I’m writing about yet another Romance title, because that seems to be my jam right now. Roxie Cooper’s The Law of Attraction caught my eye due to the comparison to Legally Blonde. It comes out June 23rd (this Friday!), which means I’m dropping my disclaimer: I received an advanced review copy of this one via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

What I liked about this book… The Law of Attraction

The main character’s name is Amanda, which is always fun. She had compelling motivations and goals above and beyond the love story throughout the book, which made her feel real and relate-able… mostly.  She’s not set on getting a man–she’s set on getting her career, and the man just sort of happens along the way. All the yes to that.

She’s got a female friend who she talks to about things other than men, so A+ for that.

Her mentor is a delightfully eccentric character.

What I didn’t like…

The Big Secret she’s hiding throughout most of the book also turns out not to be as big a deal a we think it will be, but I suppose that’s pretty plausible considering the fact that human guilt and emotion is rarely rational.

I didn’t really buy the romance between her and The Love Interest. They weren’t really developed much on the page and their sexy time moment comes early on and seems to be the basis of why they fall in love, which… yes, okay, but the end (spoiler) has him meeting her family, so I was a bit confused as to how we got from A to B.

There’s A Thing happening that is, I think, really obvious to the reader but Amanda just doesn’t get it. It seems so obvious that it becomes irritating when Amanda doesn’t get it.

All in all, this one was fun, but I don’t know that I’d read it again. It does have a Legally Blonde sort of feel to it, so I’d say fans of that movie should pick it up. I’m forever forgetting that personally, I don’t actually like that movie all that much, so this book may have just not been entirely to my taste from the get go.


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