What We’re Reading Wednesday, September 8th

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Hello, Your Book Friend readers and pals! It’s your old buddy Amanda back at it again after a series of lovely guest posts for the past several weeks.

Labor Day weekend may be my favorite long weekend simply because it falls after the busiest time of the year for me personally — orientation leading right up into the first two weeks of the Fall semester. I work in Student Affairs and teach two first year courses in the Fall, so it’s always a bit of a whirlwind, in the best possible way. Well, mostly.

This year, I took an extra day off on Friday and enjoyed four days of hiking, reading, and baking to restore and refresh before heading in to week three. Though I was sad to miss our original labor day weekend plans of seeing Glass Cannon Live in Atlanta, I’m glad we were able to find a more socially distanced activity to replace it.

We ended up hitting up the highest points in Maryland and in West Virginia, both relatively easy to access from the road.

As an added bonus, this version of events definitely led to more reading time, including in my personal favorite spot — the hammock! So, let’s check in with those current and recent reads, shall we?

(Full disclosure: Links to specific books are affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you, should you choose to purchase. Thanks for supporting YBF!)

Recent Reads

After several weeks working on it, I finally finished Emiko Jean’s Tokyo Ever After. This lighthearted YA novel asks the age old question — what if a teenage girl discovered that her father was, in fact, heir to the throne?

I wrote at length about how I enjoyed this book less than I could have because I went in hoping for a Princess Diaries flavor. This book isn’t that, but it’s a nice story about heritage, culture, and coming into your own. Plus there’s a bit of a love story, as well.

My reading view in West Virginia, featuring the future Mr. Your Book Friend (originally posted to Instagram)

I tore through a digital review copy of Liz Parker’s All Are Welcome while hiking in West Virginia with my fiancé over labor day weekend.

This was a great family drama to really sink into for a day and a half, and I found myself finding stolen moments to read so I could uncover the secrets and watch as the characters did, too. I don’t typically read family dramas, so I’m calling this one a family drama for people who don’t like family dramas.

Current Reads

Because I’m still not fully convinced I’m not a thriller reader, I let Reese and her shiny book club lure me into reading We Were Never Here which has been making the rounds on Bookstagram, big time.

After the letdown of Northern Spy, I can tell this one will at least deliver more of the thrill in thriller, though it remains to be seen whether that’s actually what I want out of a reading experience. I’m only a few chapters in, so stay tuned!

The view from my last day of the long weekend (originally posted to Instagram)

My audiobook re-read of Meg Cabot’s own Princess Diaries marches on, and I’ve made my way to Princess in Training (Princess Diaries VI). I have to admit, I’m enjoying sinking back into a time when I, like Mia, was mostly concerned with whether I’d go to the prom and/or which boy I liked best. It’s a nice, comforting reread and I think I’ll see it through to the end.

Up Next

I am what Bookstagram calls a “mood reader” meaning that I never fully know what I’ll pick up next until I’m, well, picking it up.

But, a few of the titles waiting in the wings for me right now are Bringing Down The Duke and A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, but we’ll see what I feel like once I polish off my thriller.

So there’s mine… now what about yours? Let me know what you’ve been reading lately and how you’re finding it!

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