Happy Release Day to Well Matched

Cover image courtesy of Goodreads

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As you may or may not be aware, Tuesday is New Book Day in the publishing world, where a slew of new books hit shelves each week.

Numbers quite notoriously do not like to live inside my brain, and I am not the best at remembering dates if I don’t write them down. But every now and again, I am so hyped for a particular book to come out that I remember its release without the aid of my Google calendar or paper planner.

Jen Deluca’s latest Renaissance Festival love story, Well Matched, is just such a book, and its book birthday is… today!

This is the third installment in the series, which began with Well Met, a book which earned the great honors of keeping me up past bedtime and bringing me back to the book blog at a time when I wasn’t reviewing as consistently.

I’ll confess I enjoyed Well Played less due to the premise, but the third book has one of my favorite tropes—fake dating!

Well Matched focuses on April and Mitch, both of whom we’ve met in the two prior books. The two strike a little deal—fake girlfriend in exchange for home repair assistance. This, and a return to the annual Faire, promise a great deal of fun and a bit insignificant number of references to Mitch’s infamous kilt.

My copy should hopefully arrive just in time for Andy’s weekend away, which means Azula and I will be on the couch most likely reading this book in a single day.

Have you read any of the books in this series? Will you be picking up a copy of Well Matched.


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