What We’re Reading Wednesday, October 20th

Or is it what we’re playing Wednesday, since I’ve spent so much time with my Switch this week? 

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Do the subtitles across the screen during dialogue in a video game count as reading? Because, if I’m honest, those are the most non-work-email words I consumed this past week.

You see, I recently learned that a favorite video game of my childhood, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was remastered for newer consoles. I had no choice but to immediately purchase and begin playing said game, obviously. 

As a girl only has so many hours to herself of a week, this cut into my reading time quite a bit, though I can’t say I’m too mad about it. I’ve been reading a lot lately and my brain appreciates the break, even if my TBR does not. 

Still, between audiobooks and a splash of determination, I’ve got a few Wednesday updates since last week’s edition of WWRW. 

(Full disclosure: Book links are Bookshop affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you)

Recent Reads

Over the weekend, I finished up my advanced listening copy of Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words. It was my first time listening to an audiobook through the NetGalley app, and the experience was surprisingly smooth overall. 

I enjoyed the book, though it did feel a little longer than I expected it too, in part because the plot didn’t really follow a traditional Romance structure and was more of a slow burn love story with many other key elements taking center stage throughout. I did write a full review here on Your Book Friend if you’d like to know more!

“Love, Chai, And Other Four-Letter Words” Highlights Love in All Its Beautiful, Complicated Forms

Due to the aforementioned weekend in the sewers of Baldur’s Gate, that’s the only book I finished since last we Wednesday’d. 

Current Reads

I am still working on The Ex Hex which is indicative of how much my brain needs a reading break, since this is a light and easy book that would normally not take me so long to get through. I’m getting close to the end and raising an eyebrow about how much still needs resolved with so few pages left, but we’ll see how it goes!

Audiobook-wise, I’ve started my next Meg Cabot re-readathon with book one of the Mediator series, Shadowland. I’m feeling a surprising resistance to anyone trying to tell me how Jesse DeSilva’s voice should sound, but otherwise, really enjoying the audiobook so far! Honestly, given the age of the series, I’m just so pleased there are audiobook editions at all.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give an exciting update re: my prior Meg Cabot re-readathon of The Princess Diaries. 

You see, a podcast called The Podcast Diaries recently liked one of my Princess Diaries reread tweets into the void. This led me to the realization that there is a podcast of two 30-something friends rereading the series, like I just did. Hello, new imaginary best friends! So, you know, maybe check that out if you’re also in the Princess Diaries frame of mind. 

Up Next

I still need to actually start Payback’s a Witch for my buddy read with my real-life bestie, so that’s priority number one for future book time.

I’ve also got a book tour coming up relatively soon for The Decorating Club by Susan M. Meyers, so I’m going to dig into that eARC soon in preparation for sharing my review on the appointed day. It’s my first book tour, so I am both excited and nervous to see how it goes! The book follows the stories of a group of women who come together to redecorate their homes… and their lives in the process. 

Also on the menu, albeit non book related: play a lot of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. Like, probably too much. 

Your Turn

That’s my week in books, friends! 

Let me know what you’ve been reading lately or what’s up next for you — or heck, why not both?

I love hearing what you are reading and enjoying, book or internet wise! 

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