What We’re Reading Wednesday, November 3rd

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This Wednesday really snuck up on me, and yet, here we are — the first What We’re Reading Wednesday post Blogtober! After 31 days of writing and publishing every day, the last two days of rest were a breath of fresh air. 

The weather here in Pennsylvania is getting colder, and the days darker. It shouldn’t be surprising as it’s nothing new, and yet… somehow I am never prepared, emotionally, for the turn of the seasons. 

I also never remember where I’ve left my gloves, but that’s another story.

One glowing positive about winter, though? The reading time is extra cozy. I’m back to reading with the Netflix fireplace aglow, snuggled in blankets and hoodies with my pup curled at my side. 

Yeah, I guess I can stand to have a tiny bit of winter, at least where reading is concerned. Let’s talk about books and reading, my friends! 

(Full disclosure: Links to specific books are Bookshop affiliate links, and Book of the Month links are referral codes.)

Recent Reads

I finished the Mediator novella, Proposal, which I actually had never read before! I used to have a bit of a thing about the little .5 books between books, which is to say, I didn’t read them. But, it was a cute story about my favorite supernatural couple, so I’m glad I got around to it this time. As a side note, I can’t stop laughing that this book is tagged on Bookshop with the catgories: Women, Ghost. 

Also wrapped up? Payback’s a Witch. I missed my goal of finishing on the front porch during Halloween by about a day, but hey, such is life! This one didn’t end quite how I expected, though I think jacket or promotional copy someplace gave away a few pieces that might otherwise have been even more surprising. 

Still, I love when a book can surprise me, particularly one marketed as a rom com. I won’t lie to you — it does feel like that’s a loosely strewn about label of late, and I’m not sure it’s the genre I’d lead with for this one. Feels more paranormal romance than romantic comedy to me.

Current Reads

I’ve started Josie Silver’s One Night on the Island (thank you, NetGalley and Penguin for the advanced review copy). The basic premise here is that two people think they’ve solo-booked a cottage that happens to be the only accommodation on a small Irish island. Before they can sort out the double-booking fiasco, a storm stops anyone coming or going. 

Basically, it’s only one bed, but in cottage form. I’m 30% in and definitely curious and interested to see where the story will go. Silver likes her love stories with a bit of complexity, and this one’s no different. 

Audiobook wise I’ve attempted to get into the later addition to the Mediator series, Remembrance. I say trying because, to be honest, it started stressing me out so much I had to stop. May be time for a break from how invested I am in Suze and Jesse’s relationship… particularly when this one feels like manufactured conflict far too similar to books 5 and 6. 

So, I started an adult Meg Cabot romance that I discovered lying in wait in my audible library —No Judgements. Bit funny I went there because this one is also about being stuck on an island during a storm. Go figure. 

Up Next & On to You

I’m not entirely sure what lies on my reading horizons next. I know I want to wait until closer to mid-to-late November to dig into the winter holiday reads, and that I’m trying to get through some of my NetGalley TBR. 

Basically, we’ll see where the mood takes me as I wrap up my current reads. 

Now it’s your turn, book friends. What are you reading right now, or what do you hope to pick up in the near future? 

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