What We’re Reading Wednesday, November 17th

image created by the editor in Canva

I’ll be honest — not a lot of book reading has occurred in my life over the past week.

In part, I just needed a brain break. But also… my online running club’s epic Battle of the Fandoms virtual race has begun, and I’ve been very busy walking and running to earn miles for Nat 20, the Dungeons & Dragons team.

Yes, we have team shirts (photo by the author)

All that walking and running would be great audiobook time, if I were listening to any audio right now. But, as I mentioned last week, I’ve been dedicating my ears to catching up on podcasts lately, so it’s been the adventures of Baron, Metra, Sir Will, and Nester that have been in my ears lately. (I’m talking Glass Cannon Podcast — if you know, you know.)

So this week, I thought I’d shake up the format a bit and provide you an incomplete list of…

Non-Book Things I Read Last Week

  1. Approximately one thousand work emails, probably
  2. A study on latest best practices in Emergency Fund distribution in higher education, in light of the ongoing pandemic (I oversee the Emergency Fund application process at work, so, you know… relevant)
  3. Item descriptions in Stardew Valley and dialogue captions in Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
  4. Dozens of Facebook posts detailing challenges for my Battle of the Fandoms team, including but not limited too battling Kobolds by earning miles (I helped take down two because, hey, a girl’s got a day job)
  5. Research-based argument outlines from all 25 of my English comp students
  6. A somewhat passive-aggressive text from CVS, asking when I plan to pick up my prescription
  7. The MLA section of the aforementioned English comp students’ writing handbooks, which they are supposed to reference for citation help but which I generally end up referencing for them because I’m too nice
  8. Our weekly grocery list, which can be tricky as even I can’t read my handwriting on occasion
  9. The label on my favorite crunchy grocery store cookies, to confirm they’re certified gluten free before bringing them along to the Great British Bake Off watch party with my friends. We do the Fantasy League, and it is a time. Come on, Crystelle, you’re my only hope!
  10. My character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Wednesday night, a different character sheet for Pathfinder 2e on Sunday afternoon, and game notes for Ghost Hunter on Sunday evening. Can a person have too many TTRPGs? Last week would suggest that yes, yes they can
A little game I like to call Pizza & Pathfinder (photo and pizza by the author)

Actual Books I’m Reading

In the world of books, I’m still working on Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows.

I’m actually really enjoying it, though I’m still only a little ways in. I suspect I will end up finishing it quickly once my mood swings back towards sitting still and reading. If I were a betting woman, I’d say that should happen right around noon on Monday, November 22nd, when Battle of the Fandoms ends.

Up Next

If I’m being quite honest the content I’m most excited for in coming days is the November 19th release of Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Can’t repeat the past by playing revamped versions of games you used to play in the backseat of your parents’ car? Of course you can! (Do I enjoy paraphrasing this Gatsby quote in too many situations? Of course I do.)

This would be a gif if I could figure out how to save it properly (sourced from giphy)

Safe to say, I foresee more video game caption reading in my future before I settle down to my next read! Hey, every reader needs time for their other hobbies, too.

And to You

Tell me, friends — what have you been reading? Perhaps like me it’s been a less book-filled week, and that’s a-okay.

I’d love to hear what’s been bringing you joy, reading-related or otherwise!

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