What We’re Reading Wednesday, December 29th

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Hello, book friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed the phenomenal guest posts we’ve had for the past couple Wednesdays — I know I have! This week, you’ve got your old buddy Amanda back to check-in for the last time in 2021.

When I started What We’re Reading Wednesdays on a whim to give myself a reason to write at least one book post a week, I didn’t imagine it would become such a satisfying weekly ritual. In fact, I originally intended this to be a bi-weekly column, but it was just too much fun to do just twice a month.

As we round out the calendar year, I always turn inwards and get reflective. It’s a time to take stock, look back, and look ahead. My reading life is just one part of the year-end considerations, and you can bet a final end-of-year reading stats round up is on its way.

But for now, it’s time for our final Wednesday reading check-in of the year!

(Full disclosure: Book links are Bookshop.org affiliate links, which earn me a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you. Book of the Month mentions are referral codes.)

Recent Reads

I’ve gotten a lot of reading done since winter break began at work (I’m in Higher Ed, and the extra long break in December is a big perk). I wrapped up a couple holiday reads in the form of The Holiday Swap and Holly Jolly Diwali.

Holiday Swap was a fun Hallmark-esque romp, which I reviewed for Coffee Time Reviews, here. Holly Jolly Diwali was an enjoyable and less formulaic romance about a woman who’s always been the good Indian daughter, until she realizes that maybe doing everything she thinks she should do isn’t giving her a satisfying life. Plus, it features what I’m fairly confident is the first ever The Mindy Project reference I’ve encountered on the page!

Mindy Project gif, via Giphy

Finally, I got back to the habit of reading in the mornings for just long enough to finish Jessamyn Stanley’s Yoke, which was a phenomenal read about her journey to becoming a yoga teacher and the development of her personal philosophy on the practice.

Audiobook-wise, I wrapped up Wintering by Katherine May during our drive to Cincinnati. Such a fitting, reflective read as we enter into the cold winter months here in PA. One of those books I sort of wished I’d read in print so I could underline things and sit with them awhile.

Current Reads

I’m trying to get a bit caught up on my NetGalley queue for the first month of 2022, which means I’m working on a digital ARC of Much Ado about a Latte, a book I requested on a whim because of the fun title and premise. A premise which I’ve now forgotten and refuse to look up because I want to be surprised by what happens. Something about a coffee shop and a rivalry, or something? We’ll find out. This one’s out January 4th, and I’m hoping to get my review up on time (for once).

Audiobook-wise, another digital review copy from NetGalley in the form of Lex Croucher’s Reputation, a modern twist on the Jane Austen flavor that I’m really enjoying. I listened to it most of the day yesterday while I was baking bread and cookies, and think I can safely recommend that Jane Austen fans mark its April 5th release date on their calendars.

Up Next & On To You

Come January, I’ll be participating in Bookish Bingo on Bookstagram, wherein we try to get caught up on our Book of the Month stacks of shame.

BOTM stack of shame, photo by the author, originally posted to Instagram

Since I posted my own stack of unread BOTMs, several Bookstagrammers have recommended The People We Keep, so I think that’ll be my first Book of the Month read of 2022.

January 1st also marks the start of my self-care/spirituality reading quest of 2022. I’m already a bit of the way into The Witch’s Book of Self-Care, so I think it’s safe to say I’ll manage to read my January book, at the very least.

And that’s about it for me this week, book friends! Let me know what you’re reading as we round out the year 2021, and if you have any big book plans for the new year ahead!

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2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, December 29th

  1. I love seeing what my fellow book bloggers have read/are reading! You have several in your BOTM stack that I loved and I look forward to reading your thoughts about them. I hope you have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022!

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