Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in Reading 2/4/22

Happy Friday, book friends! It’s the second issue of Azula’s new Furbaby Friday column, and she has thoughts.

It’s been a weird week for her. After two weeks being home during the day, I went back to the office post COVID isolation on Monday. On top of that, Andy also had to go into the office the first few days of the week (unusual for him now, as his workplace is mostly remote these days).

After a few long days of hanging out alone during the workday, Azula wasn’t pleased by the icy rain all day on Thursday, which meant no fun walkies.

Her dad went for a run in the rain without her (she hates the rain)

Then, the mail person had the audacity to bring my Book of the Month box and spend a few extra seconds on the porch scanning to confirm its delivery.

Regardless of the weather outside, though, morning and evening cuddles with mom are a given for the cuddle pup.

This week, she hung out with me as I made my way through my latest NetGalley read, With Love from London. To complete the cozy vibes, we had the Netflix fire in the background and a mug of hot cocoa (for me, not Azula).

Azula and I hope you’ve had a good week! Well, Azula probably just hopes you have a ball and that you’ll throw it for her if she ever meets you.

Do you have a pet? Please tell me all about them!


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