What We’re Reading Wednesday, February 9th

Image created by the author, in Canva

Happy Wednesday, book friends! We have a phenomenal guest post up over on our Medium page, which I hope you will check out to support our guest writer this week! You can find it here.

Guest writer Ranjani checks in on a wide variety in reads, including some poetry (which, sadly, I don’t feature here as often as I’d like) and one of my favorite reads of last year, There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job.

As for me, I’ll keep it short and sweet this week by checking in with current reads!

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links).

Currently Reading

In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer, in traveling ARC form, which means I’ll be mailing it on to the next reader once I finish (probably tomorrow morning!) It’s a rom com that is also kind of a love story to New York (more on that when I review here soon).

On audio, I’m listening to Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood. I know, I know–I’m supposed to be finishing White Magic with my non-podcast audio time, but I couldn’t resist the shiny new Ali Hazelwood novella! It’s an audio only release right now (I think exclusive to Audible), for just $2.99, and it looks like there will be a Kindle version out in May. I listened to it this morning on my way to my favorite local coffee shop to try their Valentine’s Day special–a brownie latte. It felt very on-brand for the month of love.

That’s it from me this week! I’d love to hear what you’re reading right now and how it’s going for you!

Do check out Ranjani’s guest post on the Medium page–it’s a good one.

Oh, and if you’re out of free reads for the month, don’t forget you can join Medium with my referral link to support YBF and my other writerly ramblings.


2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, February 9th

  1. I’m also reading in a New York Minute Amanda, and listening to The Bright Side Running Club by Josie Lloyd! I always enjoy seeing what other avid readers are reading so thanks for sharing.

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