Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in Reading 2/18/22

Happy Friday, book friends!

Azula had a fun Valentine’s weekend in the Laurel Highlands. Our AirBnb hosts even left special dog treats just for her, along with some wine for her humans.

We spent plenty of time out on the snowy trails, and she enjoyed jumping over logs and climbing rocks, per usual.

Approximately the 100th time she jumped this log. That’s the future Mr. Your Book Friend with her.

In the evenings we curled up by the fire and I read my book—same old, same old.

On Valentine’s Day proper, Azula for her SuperChewer box, compete with a cupcake toy she immediately destroyed (is there a MegaSuperChewer box?)

The cupcake, not long for this earth

Overall, this week’s been a slow one for us, but we got some rare winter sun in Pittsburgh, which meant more walkies. I started listening to an advanced listener copy of the new premium audiobook version of Pride and Prejudice, so that’s been my soundtrack for our wanderings.

This weekend our social plans are relatively light, but my latest virtual running club Quidditch event will keep me on my feet as I try to get as many miles as I can! Still, plenty of cuddle curl time ahead, with hopes to finish up my current read, Once There Were Wolves.

That’s it for Azula and I’s weekly update! How was your week? We’d love to hear all about it!


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