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Happy Saturday, book friends!

I really enjoy reading book tag posts (where a bunch of bloggers write a post on a similar theme or answering a set of questions). But, I tend to avoid them myself because… well, there’s an expectation that you will tag other bloggers when you do these posts. It makes sense, since it helps draw more people to participate in the tag and spread the word!

However, I have social anxiety, and one of the ways in which it manifests itself is a terrible fear of bothering anybody, ever. So, tagging people makes me very anxious, and I don’t like to do it unless I have their explicit permission to do so.

When I saw the Contemporary Romance Reader tag on Pretty Purple Polka Dots, though, I couldn’t resist doing my own post to respond to these fun questions! You can read the original post here.

What’s the first contemporary romance you remember reading?

I’m not sure if it was really my first, but I have a vivid memory of sitting outside in the courtyard during lunch at school one day and reading one of those holiday romance books that had bikinis on the cover. I can’t recall which one it was specifically, but I remember getting embarrassed when I reached a sex scene because I felt like everyone would know what I was reading. I must’ve been about 14 at the time.

What’s the last contemporary romance you read?

That’d be By Any Other Name by Lauren Kate. And it was a 5-star read for me–super fun and bookish. My review lives here, if you’re interested.

Who are your favourite contemporary romance authors?

I adore Emily Henry and Beth O’Leary, as well as Jen DeLuca and Kerry Winfrey. Their books are fun and funny and deliver on the romance tropes.

Because I can’t resist mentioning it, Emily Henry lives in my hometown of Cincinnati so she gets extra points for that, and Kerry Winfrey is Ohio born and raised like me! Shoutout to Ohio writers!

Who are your favourite underrated contemporary romance authors?

This is such a good question. I’m not sure I’ve read too many authors who aren’t fairly well known. Of my core favorites, I’d say that Kerry Winfrey doesn’t get as much hype as she deserves.

What book do you recommend to a contemporary romance beginner?

It’s very personal! I’d probably quiz them about what they like in order to decide what to recommend.

Waiting for Tom Hanks and Well Met are some frequently recommended books that I pull out often but they’re not for everyone.

What are your favourite and least favourite contemporary romance tropes?

Favorites: Friends to lovers, only one bed, forced proximity, meet cutes, fake dating

Least favorite: Second chance romance, love triangle with Very Obvious Jerk current partner

What are your favourite contemporary romance settings?

Hmm I haven’t really thought about this. I like a good vacation story, I think. Small town vibes are also nice (ironic since I grew up in one and couldn’t wait to leave).

What was your favourite contemporary romance you read last year?

Hitting me with the hard questions! I adored People We Meet on Vacation which I read in a single day. Ditto The Love Hypothesis.

What are your top three all time favourite contemporary romance reads?

1. Waiting for Tom Hanks

2. Well Met

3. How Not to Fall in Love

What are your most anticipated contemporary romance releases this year?

Probably obvious at this point, but… Book Lovers by Emily Henry, Well Traveled by Jen DeLuca, and Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood.

Tag some contemporary romance lovers to take this tag.

Citing anxiety to break the rules here, sorry.

Please take part if you see this and it sounds fun! Consider this your tag and let me know if you join in.


One thought on “Contemporary Romance Reader Tag

  1. What a fun tag! I am a huge fan of Emily Henry’s as well since her debut book Beach Read. I have read several of the authors you’ve listed, but you’ve introduced me to a couple of new ones too! Thanks for sharing.

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