What We’re Reading Wednesday, March 2nd

Happy Wednesday, book friends! And a happy New Moon in Pisces, as well.

This week we’ve got another spectacular guest post up on our Medium site, from our very first repeat guest writer! I do hope you’ll check out Krystyna’s post here and consider following them on Medium!

As for me, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I finished and reviewed Sadie on a Plate, which was a lot of fun. It comes out on March 15th.

I also started The Bright Side Running Club and my next self care read, Heal from Within. I’m enjoying both, in very different ways.

More on both of these reads next week when I do my full check in! For now, let’s get to the good stuff—what are you reading, friends?!


2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, March 2nd

  1. You have some good books here. I’m looking forward to your review of Heal from Within., it sounds interesting.

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