Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week In Reading 3/18/2022

This week was an extra exciting one in our house, because my birthday was on Thursday! I turned the big three zero and will spend this year referencing 13 Going on 30 at every opportunity. After work, I went out to dinner and then to my favorite local bookstore, White Whale.

Pizza (me) and pasta with no cheese (Andy)

I grabbed a copy of Sarah Anderson’s Fangs, which I naturally read in one sitting as soon as we got home. Andy apparently didn’t know I met Sarah briefly at a book convention and have a signed Sarah’s Scribbles, so that was a fun moment of realizing he doesn’t know all my stories yet. Also picked up Lizzy Dent’s The Summer Job, which has been on my list.

Azula also had a fun day because she got to take an extra long walk and come visit me at work for my birthday! Even if she did wake me up at 4am with a cold nose to the back, I’ll allow it because she’s just too cute.

Our morning cuddles were a bit sans reading most days because I fully admit I got sucked into scrolling on my phone instead. Some weeks are like that.

She likes to judge me for ignoring my books

I also started a new running training plan, which is very exciting and also means that Azula can look forward to some runs outside once the weather warms up for good. She’s more a trail running pup as she gets bored quickly if we’re just doing the usual walking route for our run.

Along with all the running I naturally had to pick up one of the running-related books I got a while ago and was avoiding during my running slump. Very much enjoyed—and already finished—Sarah Locke’s Running Outside the Comfort Zone.

Next up it’s back to the NetGalley queue! Azula’s dad is away for the weekend so we’ll have plenty of quiet cuddle time for reading and chewing on toys.

Hope you had a great week, and a great weekend ahead, book friends!

(Full disclosure: this post uses bookshop.org affiliate links).


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