What We’re Reading Wednesday, March 23rd 

Has it been a week since our last check-in already? The calendar assures me that yes, it’s already Wednesday once again. 

It’s also officially spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, although Pittsburgh’s carrying on with grey weather, as it is wont to do. 

Last week, I turned 30, which was about as anticlimactic as any other birthday. Since women are encouraged to feel like we’ve got expiration dates stamped on our foreheads, I’m taking that as a win. I did enjoy some of my favorite things — books, cupcakes, and pizza. Not to mention a trip to the local holistic wellness store for a fun event called Tarot by Twilight, where we sat around and read one another’s tarot. I’m a little rusty reading for non-me humans, but I had a great time nevertheless. 

Over the weekend, I was solo dog-momming it since Andy is out of town, which means I spent far more time going for walks and playing fetch than I did reading. Nevertheless, I’ve got some updates for you, so let’s get to it!

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links). 

Recent Reads

I finished a ton of books early last week! I wrapped up Susan Locke’s phenomenal Running Outside the Comfort Zone, which is partly responsible for my decision to sign up for my second attempt at an in-person half-marathon (I did run my first — it was just virtual because, you know). My full review of the book went up earlier this week, if you’re curious: Laugh and Seize Life’s Adventures with “Running Outside the Comfort Zone
I also finally finished Elissa Washuta’s profound and personal essay collection, White Magic. It’s heavy, powerful stuff, and I had to stop and sit with it a while, but I’m so very glad I read it. More on the particular type of magic Washuta accomplishes in my review: The Alluring Alchemy of “White Magic”.

On my birthday bookstore outing, I grabbed a copy of Sarah Anderson’s Fangs and devoured it in a single sitting that evening. Adorable and hiliarious, as is Anderson’s m.o. (she is the illustrator behind the popular Sarah’s Scribbles, if you didn’t know). 

Current Reads

After initially thinking I might not get to it, I decided to pick up Stone Broke Heiress*, a NetGalley title that I picked up on a whim. It is, as one might assume, about an heiress who suddenly loses her fortune and has to rebuild her life. 

I’m about halfway in and it’s pretty much ticking the usual boxes for those types of stories so far — not a bad thing, necessarily, but not always 100% my cup of tea (or champagne, as the protagonist might prefer it). 

I don’t actually have a current audio read, as I’m fresh out of credits and don’t feel particularly called to anything on audio. Instead I’m poking around trying to find some new podcasts to enjoy. 

Up Next & On to You

What will I read next? No idea! I’ve received a couple physical review copies in the mail recently, and the TBR stack in my spare room has become concerningly tall, so perhaps I’ll dig into to one of those. 

What about you, book friends? Read anything good lately, or have any titles you’re excited about? Let me know! 

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One thought on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, March 23rd 

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday! And it sounds like you had a great day, and did what you wanted.

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