What We’re Reading Wednesday, March 30th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! Somehow, we’ve reached the last Wednesday in March. That ticking clock on my April 30th wedding is really getting insistent, and I’ve got the hair and makeup trial to prove it! 

Last weekend, my bridesmaids threw me a small and utterly perfect bachelorette weekend, complete with a tarot reader, witchy signage, a dress made of cupcakes, and brunch. I haven’t felt quite that seen in a long time, and it was so wonderful to spend time with these women from different stages in my life. 

When I saw this “well sh*t” natural one bag for my day-of emergency wedding supplies, I could’ve burst into tears. Honestly, it’s weird that I didn’t. 

Photo of the author, by one of her friends (she forgets who)

Needless to say, not a ton of reading happened last weekend, but I’m not mad at it. I did reflect on my current read enough to decide it should be a DNF, ride out the gap between audiobook credits, and practice my axe-throwing skills, so a weekend well spent all around. 

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Books noted with an asterisk were complimentary review copies)

Recent Reads

I’ve been trying to get through Stone Broke Heiress* for the past week or so and finally realized it just isn’t for me. 

The book isn’t badly written and is, I think, spot on for the “heiress loses fortune” genre. I just didn’t feel like I cared what happened next and that she was integrating a bit too easily into her new life. The stakes were too low, and I kept finding myself doing anything but reading. 

So, I DNF’d at about 63% of the way through. I don’t like to DNF because I never know how to count those books in my Goodreads or yearly totals, but sometimes, you just have to let a book go when it isn’t working. 

Current Reads

I decided to dig in to my TBR stack to find my next read and came up with Sayaka Murata’s Earthlings. I’ve been feeling the pull to read something different, as I’m a little contemporary romanced out at the moment, and I knew Murata would deliver. 

The front cover blurb from the New Yorker on my copy just says “Startling.” Full stop. And I think that’s pretty accurate to what I’ve read thus far, at about halfway through (I started it yesterday — it’s just that compelling). 

Audiobook wise I finally got another credit, and I’ve been feeling more “tell me a story” than “teach me something” lately, so I decided to pick up one of the contemporary romanceson my list, The Fastest Way to Fall

This romance has a fitness angle that made it stand out to me (the protagonist is a lifestyle writer who’s asked to write about a body-positive fitness app). I’ve heard good things, so I’m excited to get into this one. 

Up Next & On to You

I think I’m going to read at least one more book from my physical TBR stack before I get back to the NetGalley game. 

I’m eyeing Matrix by Lauren Groff if I’m still feeling something a little outside my norm, but we’ll see how I feel after spending more time in the strange world of Earthlings. Not to mention, you know, planning a wedding that is basically exactly one month away. 

What about you, book friends? Read anything good lately? 

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