Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in Reading 4/8/2022

Happy Friday, book friends! It’s been a rainy week in Pittsburgh, so Azula’s walk schedule has been a bit disrupted. I’ve also had a busy week, with my second wedding dress fitting and a couple of late-night events at work. Azula and I are both pretty big creatues of habit, so it’s been… well, exhausting.

That’s not to say I didn’t get in some good morning reading a few days this week. I’m really trying to get back in the habit of limiting my AM screen time and reading my self-care books in the morning. I’ve lost steam with my current one, Heal from Within, but do want to finish it.

Morning reading & snuggles

I’m almost through identifying my possible issues across all 7 chakras, which hopefully means we’ll get to some more practical advice. Identifying our challenges is important, but I’ve been in therapy for years and generally know what my whole deal is in that respect, so I’m eager to hear some guidance on how to work on these issues more than I am how to identify them. That’s not to say self-reflection isn’t valuable–it definitely is!

In spite of the rain, we got out for our run this week (more on that over on the running/self-care blog, if you’re curious). For Azula, many evenings were spent wondering when mommy would be home and why dad was doing the dinner.

Azula and the soon-to-be Mr. Your Book Friend before our morning run

Next week is less jam-packed in the evenings, though it is about time for Andy and I to go do the marriage license thing, so we’ll be fitting that in one night. The wedding is so soon and I can’t wait to clear out the mental space that wedding planning has been taking up and fill it with more books, more writing, and more adventures!

How was your week? Did you read any good books? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in Reading 4/8/2022

  1. It sounds like you all had a busy but exciting week! Wedding preparation is exciting but can be tiring too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are a dedicated runner to be running in the rain! Well done! I always love to see photo’s of Azula too.

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