Book Mail Monday 4/11/22

Happy Monday and welcome to the start of a brand new week! I didn’t get much reading done over the weekend due to wedding planning and running a 5K on Saturday. The race went well but it did put me slightly out of commission on Sunday by sparking a pretty rough migraine, so I wound up playing Kingdom Hearts III instead. Since KH IV was just announced, I figured I better catch up on the storyline.

But in spite of reading almost nothing, I’m here with another book mail Monday post! My goal is not to have a book(ish) mail update next week, because I do actually need to put a dent in my TBR Tower. But, I did get some fun book and book-related mail this past week, and I can’t resist sharing!

Authentic Books box & Blissfully Bookish merch

I recieved my March Authentic Books box. This is one of my favorite book subscription boxes, with a theme of engaging all your senses with the products included, such as candles (smell), tea (taste), face masks (touch), and a Spotify playlist for each book (sound). This month, I selected The Unsinkable Greta James and my anticipation has been mounting as so many fellow book bloggers wrote rave reviews. I suspect I’ll be digging in to this book soon.

Also arriving on my doorstep is a shirt I ordered from bookish clothing shop Blissfully Bookish. This is actually more video game themed, since it’s a Dragonborn t-shirt (that’s a reference to the RPG video game Skyrim which may or may not be making a slight appearance at my wedding). But, since the shop itself is bookish, I’m counting it amongst my book mail, since I’d never have found this amazing shirt without the help of Bookstagram.

My most recent order also arrived last week, bringing me a book my therapist recommended and the one I added to my cart along with it. I’m working to heal my relationship with my body and food, so she recommended I read The F*ck It Diet and I scrambled to pick it up right away.

Then, because I’m back on my running business, I decided to nab a copy of A Beautiful Work in Progress. I read most of this book years ago but had to set it aside during the onset of my chronic pain condition, when I was not able to run. It was too painful to read a running memoir then, but I’ve always wanted to come back to it. Now, I feel ready to do so.

That’s my week in book mail! Did you get any interesting bookish mail recently? Are you expecting any bookish packages in the near future?

(Full disclosure: This post uses affiliate links. The Authentic Books link is a referral code that saves you $5 on your first box and earns me a discount, as well).

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