What We’re Reading Wednesday, April 13th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! Last week was a busy one, and consequently, I didn’t get much done in the way of reading. I had my second wedding dress fitting and late night work events on Tuesday and Thursday. I arrived at Friday utterly exhausted, only to wake up Saturday with a 5K to run. 

In spite of my best efforts to hydrate properly, I got my dreaded post-race migraine on Sunday and wound up playing Kingdom Hearts III rather than reading anything. I did finally finish my current self-care read, Heal From Within, on Tuesday morning, which I reviewed (somewhat critically) for the blog if you’re curious: 

Reflecting on Your Health with “Heal From Within”
If I’m honest, the book mostly just reinforced why I’m frustrated with modern medicinemedium.com

And… aside from a few chapters of my current fiction read, that’s about all the book reading I did. Because I was reading less, I also posted less often on Bookstagram, which I struggled not to feel guilty about. Even so, I hit my next follower milestone, which was pretty exciting! 

Now that the general catch up is out of the way, let’s roll into this week’s What We’re Reading Wednesday a little bit differently with the second edition of Things I Read Last Week Other Than Books! 

8 Things I Read Last Week That Weren’t Books

  1. The date on my bridal alteration appointment confirmation card, about a million times because the fact that the business is run out of her house makes me extra anxious in case of showing up on the wrong date 
  2. My Orientation Leader training slideshow approximately a million times to check for typos and psych myself up for the training session, which I led this year for the first time 
  3. The course map and parking instructions for the Earth Day 5. Then, once the race was over, my results, which were right on the money for my target race pace. 
  4. Our grocery list, as I do every Sunday so I can check things off as we shop
  5. Several tweets around the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV
  6. An article confimring that Kingdom Hearts III was released for the Switch back in February, then pretty immediately therafter, screen prompts for various mechanics of Kingdom Hearts III
  7. So. many. emails about our wedding, because apparently it’s very soon and we have to confirm all the things. 
  8. The first several pages of my memoir-in-progress because I’m actually working on it actively again (please applaud)

Some weeks, life gets in the way of our desire to curl up and read, and that’s perfectly okay. I knew April would be a light reading month, and I’m just happy that books will always be here when I’m ready for them again. Such as, on our honeymoon. Is it too soon to start thinking about which books I’m going to pack? 

That’s my pretty light week in reading mostly non-book things. What about you, book friends? How was your week in reading? 

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