Announcement: 3K Follower Celebration Giveaway on Bookstagram!

Happy Thursday, book friends! One of the things I was surprised to find fun about Bookstagram is hosting giveways! It’s fairly common when reaching new milestones for Bookstagrammers to do little thank you giveaways. I don’t usually enter them because tagging other accounts is often a requirement and my social anxiety gets in the way of tagging.

So, I make the tagging option in my giveaways! The first time I hosted one, I was certain I’d find it stressful more than anything, but to my surprise, it was a blast! It can be a super fun way to connect with your followers, and I feel like I’m living some sort of cool Sisterhood of the Traveling pants-style life when I go to the Post Office with bookish packages to mail to my internet friends.

All that is to say, my Bookstagram account recently hit 3,000 followers and I decided to celebrate with a giveaway that only has a little to do with me accidentally ordering two copies of the same book. One of the prizes is my spare copy of Withcraft Therapy, and the other two are $10 (USD) gift cards to the bookstore of the winner’s choice.

If you’d like to enter, you can do so over on my Bookstagram page until midnight EST on Saturday, April 16th. I’ll be drawing the winners via random number generator on Sunday. The full details, disclaimers, etc, appear on the post. Hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Announcement: 3K Follower Celebration Giveaway on Bookstagram!

  1. I have such a love/hate relationship with Bookstagram. Best of luck to you and your giveaway, and congratulations on 3k followers

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