Book Mail Monday 4/18/22

Remember how last week I said my goal was not to have any new additions to my book collection to post? Well, here we are.

I should’ve known I couldn’t resist a little pay day treat of the bookish variety, particularly as we square up to the big two final weekends before the wedding. This weekend came with a to-do list about a mile long, so some retail therapy was in order.

The theme of this week’s new book acquisitions is definitely witchy vibes all the way!

I ordered a memoir called Initiated from my local witchy shop, Ceremonial, along with a bottle of spray called “Boundaries in a Bottle” which I fully intend to keep in my office at work. They have the coolest packing tape with spot on witchy vibes.

Book Outlet lured me to their spiritual section as well, and I grabbed a copy of Moon Magic along with Evolution of Goddess. In spite of being into tarot and magic for a while now, I’m still pretty unfamiliar with the goddess archetypes across cultures, and I love to learn about different belief systems and histories.

I’m pretty excited to dig into these books, though it feels like my book slump will probably linger until after the wedding at this point. To tide me over, I grabbed the third STEMinist novella audiobook, Below Zero, for listening to and from work. This one has a ginger love interest, which I am very here for (sorry, Andy, but Ron Weasley will always be my OG bookish crush).

So there’s my book mail for the week! I hope your week is off to as good a start as any Monday can bring! Let me know if you brought any exciting new books into your life recently.


5 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday 4/18/22

  1. It sounds like you got some great selections here Amanda! I love shopping for my next great reads! I hope you have a wonderful week. ☺️

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