Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in Reading 4/22/22

Happiest of Fridays, book friends! One week from today, it’ll be Wedding Eve, and I can hardly believe it’s so soon after all this planning!

Azula wants you to know she helped a LOT while we were printing things, by being oh so skeptical of the printer and its sounds.

This week was a pretty standard one for our little cattle dog. A morning walk every day, plus a little cool down run on Thursday after my speed work.

I feel a bit like my brain is mush after a fairly busy week, so I’m honestly struggling to recall what else happened this week. The semester is coming to a close (today’s the last day!) and many of the students are headed home for the summer.

I also moved offices, since my new boss is starting on Monday and my old office has always been the Assistant Dean office. I just took care of it while we were sans Assistant Dean. The office I’m in now also happens to be the one where I worked during my first days as a grad assistant nearly six years ago, so it feels very full circle.

Azula is curled up next to me as I write this, per usual. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be spending several days with her best friend Ozzy soon, while Andy and I are on our honeymoon. For now, though, just getting in all the morning snuggles with mom that she can.

That’s all for Azula and I for now! We hope you’ve had a great week and that you’ve got an excellent weekend ahead!


2 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in Reading 4/22/22

  1. I wish you well on your upcoming nuptials and honeymoon! I’m sure Azula will have a great time on “vacation” too! Take care and thanks for sharing. 👰‍♀️

  2. With your wedding coming up so soon, I’m surprised you have any energy at all! Love seeing pictures of Azula

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