Book Mail Monday 4/25/22

Happy Monday, book friends! I achieved my goal of not ordering any new books this week, so I don’t have any package stacks to share.

I did, however, get approved on NetGalley for a new title, so I thought I’d share the addition to my digital shelves for a change.

Cover image contrary of Goodreads

My third ever Berkley approval is Andie J. Christopher’s Thank You, Next (out June 14). This one goes for the “Good Luck Chuck” trope wherein our main character is always the one someone dates right before they find The One. Here, she decides to interview her exes to try and figure out how this keeps happening. Which sounds very fun to watch and not at all fun to actually do.

My poor NetGalley shelf is looking a bit overfull these days, but I can’t complain to have so many great options for what to read next!

Did you get any new books this week? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday 4/25/22

  1. This book caught my eye as well Amanda, but I’m really trying to get to some of my backlist this year and have so far restrained myself 😂. I look forward to reading your review!

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