What We’re Reading Wednesday, May 11th

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As my ole buddy Troy Lavalee from the Glass Cannon Podcast would say, “Why, today’s the anniversary!” 

As of this week, Your Book Friend has run its weekly What We’re Reading Wednesday column every Wednesday except one planned hiatus because when your editor is on her honeymoon, you don’t publish new things. 

When I started this column, I half expected it to go the way of many other new side projects. As in, it would be short lived because I would get a) bored or b) overwhelmed. But as it turns out, I really like checking in on a weekly basis to share what I’ve been reading and hear what you’ve been up to, as well. 

It’s hard to believe I restarted and revamped Your Book Friend over a year ago (I missed that anniversary — it was in March). When I dipped a toe back into writing about books on the internet, I didn’t know whether the old imposter syndrome and overwhelm would return. But I’ve kept things pretty well on my own terms this time around and met a number of amazing bookish friends, and I’m so glad I decided to start being an internet book nerd again. 

All that is to say, thanks for being here, whether you’ve been reading YBF from day one (hi, mom) or this is your first YBF post. Here’s to many more weekly reading check-ins to come. 

Speaking of which, is this a weekly what we’re reading column or isn’t it? Let’s get to the bookish goodness! 

(Full disclosure: As always, this post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links.)

Recent Reads

While on my honeymoon, I wrapped up Sari, Not Sari. I really enjoyed this book for the first half or so but the pace began to lag once we moved into the romance, at least for me. I just didn’t find the couple’s relationship compelling or believeable — I was much more interested in Manny’s personal journey and wished the book could’ve focused on her connecting to her culture and deciding who she wants to be without the somewhat forced love story in the background. For more on that, my review went up earlier this week: 

On audio, I decided to listen to Legends & Lattes. I’ve heard so many good things about this cozy story set in a D&D-esque universe, wherein an orc decides to retire from adventuring in order to open a coffee shop. 

This book felt like a warm mug of coffee indeed — just the right level of stakes to keep it interesting while also just being a lovely world to relax into. It’s read by the author, which initially gave me pause since the main character is female and it was a bit weird have a man narrate her inner monologue, but once I got used to it it was a great audio performance. I find myself really wanting to read more books in a similar vein — that TTRPG flavor but in a cozy, comforting way. If you know of any readalikes for this one, please give me your recs! 

Current Reads

I finally started Katherine Heiny’s Early Morning Riser. Let’s be honest — I would read a book with that title even if I didn’t already know & love the author’s work, because I am 100% an early morning person myself. But I did read and love Heiny’s short story collection Single, Carefree, Mellow, so I’ve been meaning to pick up her latest for a while. 

The back cover blurbs indicate it’s a “hopeful, uplifting” story. To be honest I’ve found it a tad bit depressing thus far, which makes me wonder what these poor souls have been reading. It’s a beautiful, quiet small town novel and has definitely made me laugh out loud a number of times, but I’m waiting for that hope to kick in. I’m about halfway in, so there’s time. 

I’m also getting close to finishing up Material Girl, Mystical World. The later chapters have a bit more of the material girl flavor to them, but I’m still enjoying the book overall and look forward to writing a review when I finish it in the next few days. 

Up Next & On to You

At this time, I’m mostly excited about my next nonfiction read. I’ve been reading my nonfiction in the mornings while I have my coffee and it’s honestly my favorite time to read this genre, because it starts my day off learning something new. 

When I finish Material Girl, Mystical World, I’m going to pick up my first of two books about intuitve eating — The F*ck It Diet. My therapist recommended this one when I mentioned the struggle I find myself in, where I’m caught between not wanting to give in to diet culture but also not being able to break free of my fear of gaining weight due to the social pressures that are still very dominant. I honestly cannot wait to start reading it but want to give it my full attention, hence waiting to finish my other nonfiction read first. 

Fiction wise I’m not entirely sure what’s next. I’m enjoying the non-Romance that is Early Morning Riser but also know my mounting stack of NetGalley titles needs my attention. So, we’ll see where we go in that department. 

What about you, book friends? What have you been reading lately, and how are you finding it? 

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2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, May 11th

  1. I love seeing what other book lovers are reading! Thanks for introducing me to some new books. Have a great week ahead.

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