My Bookstagram Account Turned One Today!

Happy Thursday, book friends! Today is the one-year anniversay of starting my Bookstagram account! I can hardly believe I’ve been hanging out in the bookish corner of Instagram for a whole year.

When I first started hearing about Bookstagram from other book bloggers, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, curiosity won out and I decided to give it a go. When I created my account, I decided I would only follow other bookish accounts so my feed would be books all the way down, a choice I’m really glad about even if I sometimes feel bad not following back people who post other things when they find me on Booksta.

No community is perfect, but the Bookstagram one is really welcoming and positive overall, in my experience. I’ve had a lot of fun taking photos of books and seeing what everyone is reading! It’s a different way of interacting around books and, even if my photography skills are lacking, I do enjoy it!

Are you on Bookstagram? I’d love to connect if we haven’t already! Hope you have a great Thursday, book friends!


3 thoughts on “My Bookstagram Account Turned One Today!

  1. I find bookstagram a friendly place, but also overwhelming at times. I’ve been ignoring my account for a while now…

    • I totally get how it can feel overwhelming! There’s definitely a feeling like you have to post every day or you’re “not doing it right.” But, I think if you’re not having fun it’s good to take a break!

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