Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in reading 5/20/22

Happiest of Fridays, book friends! This week has been a deeply draining one for yours truly, even though it was interspersed with fun bookish milestones (installing the Little Free Library, one year bookstagram anniversary).

This morning’s addition to the LFL–mini tarot readings!

On Tuesday, a garbage truck caught fire on the bridge I take to get home every day, so it was closed for inspection. My commute ended up being over an hour because all other routes from work to home are roundabout adventures. Azula was not pleased at the change in routine when I arrived home much later than usual.

The same night, I learned that my beloved Potterhead Running Club and the broader Fanthropy umbrella under which is lives has been forced to shut their (virtual) doors. I won’t divulge much here as it is related to a lawsuit that was brought against them by a certain entity, and I don’t want to get the wonderful humans who’ve run the comunity for so long into any trouble. But, this nerdy fitness community has been a part of my life for over five years, and I’m slightly devastated by the news.

While all this was going on, Azula got some solo hang time with Mom since my husband had a business trip this week and was out of town for a couple of days. She was so excited to see him when he got home last night, and so was I–she’s always a bit better behaved with Dad around.

The weather has been nice and hot, which means walks get pushed back a little later in the evening and lunchtime equals reading and basking in the sun time for Azula & I (on the one day a week I work from home, anyway). I gave up on The Emma Project because I just wasn’t feeling it and started Lessons in Chemistry, which I already adore.

Azula enjoying the sun while I enjoyed my book

This weekend, Azula gets to visit with grandma and grandpa, which she’s always excited to do. A visit with the parents means I’ll likely not get much reading done, but I suspect I’ll sneak in a bit here and there, since I’m enjoying both of my current reads so much.

Hope you had a good week and have a good weekend ahead, book friends!


4 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday: Azula’s Week in reading 5/20/22

  1. I appreciate this weekly updates from Azula! It sounds like you had a stressful week and are sure to be glad that it’s over. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Why do garbage trucks catch on fire so often? I hope your next week is a bit better. Love to see Azula!

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