A Thursday Tour of my New TBR Cart

I have no illusions about whether or not I’m easily influenced by the things I see in the world and on social media. Wherever I saw it first, I’ve long coveted one of those three-shelf rolling carts you so often see on Bookstagram serving to hold people’s TBRs.

This week, I put that dream into action! I actually bought the cart last week using some gift cards we got from the wedding (thanks, friends!), but there was that last hurdle of actually assembling the thing to take care of. Which I finally did on Tuesday, my work from home day where I have a bit more time and energy to get things done around the house thanks to skipping the commute.

As I put books onto the cart, I both organized and culled them back. I asked myself whether each title still sparked joy or curiousity. If yes, it went from the floor to the cart. If no, it joined the stack destined to one day enter into the Little Free Library.

On the bottom shelf, I put all of my unread Book of the Month titles. Apparently I have to read or get rid of these soon, since the shelf is now full. Whoops.

The middle shelf houses nonfiction TBR, which runs the gammut from memoir to self-help to spirituality and back again. There are so many good titles on this shelf that were hidden when they lived in a stack on the floor, and I hope this will help me remember to get to them soon!

Finally, the top shelf is now dedicated to my fiction TBR.

I only ended up culling three or four books, which isn’t surprising since I did an overhaul of books I did and didn’t want to keep not long ago, when we were getting ready to install the Little Free Library. Still, it feels good to be realistic about what I’m still interested in reading from the massive collection I’ve amassed.

Now for the fun (and sometimes challenging) part–actually reading them! Do you see anything on the cart that I absolutely need to get to next? Let me know!


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