Furbaby Friday 6/10/22

Are we sure it’s already Friday, book friends? This week has flown by as I continue to be far busier at work than I’m used to in the summer months.

On Tuesday, I had a half day as I went to get my hair dyed for the first time. Lots of work from home snuggles with Azula in the morning, then plenty of time reading in the salon while my hairdresser lifted my brown hair so the purple streak would actually show up.

Me trying to get a selfie with the purple streak in view

Andy and I kept Azula up late that night, as one of our favorite podcasts from the Glass Cannon Network, Get in the Trunk, had a livestream for their new season. How these people who are older than me can start a livestream at 8pm and still be upright two hours later is beyond me.

Azula, who is very used to her bedtime being 9pm, was glaring at us from her perch on the couch by the end of the episode.

We had ladies’ night on Wednesday, since Andy had a one day business trip. I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza, which Azula really wanted me to share, and we watched the first episode of the new Ms. Marvel series.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty standard week for us. Plenty of walkies and reading/snuggle time and a good number of cat sightings on our walks.

She dropped her bone, then sulked about it despite having a perfectly good one right next to her

I hope you’ve had a good week and a relaxing weekend ahead! I’m looking forward to lots of reading and lots of good long walks, since the last ever virtual race for my running club (🥲) starts today!


8 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 6/10/22

  1. Your hair looks so good!! And I get it, Azula!! My bedtime is solidly around 9:30 these days, but I usually end up in bed reading at like….8:45ish? I like my sleep, and I like relaxing.

  2. I love your hair! The purple really shows now and it’s beautiful! I’m glad you both had a great week!

  3. I love that color and especially that purple streak! My dogs get grumpy when we stay up too late too.

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