Furbaby Friday 6/17/22

Happy Friday! It’s been hot here in Pennsylvania, with a heat advisory for a handful of days this week. Unfortunately, that means fewer walkies for Azula and fewer quiet evenings of cuddling for me, since she gets pretty restless when she can’t take her walks.

Thankfully, she’s a big two year old pup now so she’s been a bit less of a pain about it than she would’ve been a year ago, and we’ve still had plenty of cuddle time in the mornings, with the little window AC unit doing its best to cool the entire downstairs of our house and the fan going.

Work has continued to be hectic, and we’ve had a lot of evening plans this week, so not much happened in the way of reading, aside from my morning reading time with my coffee. I’ve been annoyed about it because I really wanted to sink into Nora Goes Off Script, which I finally did last night. At bedtime. I ended up finishing the book, staying up an hour and a half past bedtime while Azula chewed her bone beside me.

That means this weekend, I get to pick a new book! I will also be finishing out the final Battle of the Fandoms, a big 10-day virtual race that my beloved online running club puts on. Or, I should say put on in past tense, because unfortunatley for reasons I won’t get into here, they’re being forced to shut their digital doors, and I am quietly devastated. Expect tears from me when the race wraps on Monday.

Until then, lots of walking, which means lots of audiobook time! Hopefully that means finishing up my current audiobook read, By The Book.

That’s pretty much it for Azula and me this week, book friends. How was your week?


5 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 6/17/22

  1. It’s definitely a challenge when the summer heats up and we’re restricted to what activities we can do outside. The virtual race sounds like fun and I’m sorry it will be your last with this group. Enjoy the books and have a great week ahead!

  2. Ohh I totally get the too-hot-for-walks thing. Poor Azula.. Our dog, Rocket, recently tore his ACL. He’s an Australian Shepherd. It had been hell trying to get him to calm down so he doesn’t hurt himself more. He’s limited on what he’s allowed to do until he heals. It’s awful. I hope you have a nice weekend, I’m sorry about your group, though!

    • Aww, poor Rocket! Azula is half Australian Shepherd as well so I know how hard it is to keep them calm when all they want to do is go go go. Wishing Rocket a speedy recovery!

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