Furbaby Friday 6/24/22

It’s finally Friday, book friends! I’m writing to you from the couch where Azula and I have our morning coffee (me), cuddles, and reading time.

The weather has been a bit hot and a bit stormy, so her walkies schedule became a little bit off. That means she has the most energy.

I, on the other hand, have been pretty drained this week, which means less reading and more playing The Sims. As we all know, one either plays the Sims continuously or not at all, and that pendulum has once again swung in the fully obsessed direction.

This weekend, I’ll be reading Book Lovers to prep for a book club meeting on Tuesday! I’m excited and also deeply terrified about this meetup, because social anxiety is fun.

Speaking of social anxiety, I’m also going to a yoga event with someone from Bumble BFF, which is exciting. If it happens, it’ll be my first successful meetup with a new potential bestie.

Azula, on the other hand, is in for a pretty boring weekend because Andy and I have a lot of activities on our calendars. A trip to the dog park doesn’t look to be in the cards for her this weekend, but we’ll still get in some walkies and play time.

That’s about it for Azula and I’s weekly pupdate! Hope you had a great week and an exciting weekend ahead!


3 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 6/24/22

  1. I hope you’re able to reenergize over the weekend! Bumble BFF – that sounds amazing. I hope it goes well for you. Have a great weekend!

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