What We’re Reading Wednesday, June 29th 

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It is Wednesday, my dudes. And what a week it has been in the Oaks-Christman household. On top of all the heaviness in our world and in the U.S., we had a stressful incident in our personal sphere of a life.

Azula had a bit of a scare, as she may or may not have eaten a grape off our vine, which led to my learning that grapes are highly toxic to dogs. As in, why are we talking about chocolate because grapes are actually way worse? She is acting completely fine and the vet doesn’t think that one grape will be “too detrimental,” but she did suggest we bring her in for testing on Tuesday night.

While we wait for the test results, I’ve been an absolute wreck of an anxious dog mom. Azula, of course, has no idea she’s the source of my anxiety and is just being a good little snuggle pup and trying to take care of me.

Updated to add: Azula’s results came back normal, and the vet says she’s in the clear! Thank you for the well wishes.

Books? What even are books, am I right? I do have a few small updates, though, so let’s get to it. 

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Titles noted with an asterisk were received as review copies in exchange for my honest review). 

Recent Reads

Nothing new to report here! More Sims than reading this last week, though I did make one of my Sims characters a book lover so she’s read a few books. 

Current Reads

I’m most of the way done with Book Lovers, which I should’ve been at book club discussing tonight, before the whole Azula-and-the-grape incident brought me to the vet instead. 

Though I’m sad not to be discussing it at book club, Book Lovers is absolutely delightful, as expected, and I’m excited to see how all the pieces come together for the end. 

My mornings still include Radical Radiance* and Witchraft Therapy, although admittedly I’ve been a bit more slack on my morning reading lately.. 

Up Next & On to You

When I finish Book Lovers, I’ll be back to The Island of Missing Trees, which I am also enjoying in all its weirdness. After that, I’ll be back to the NetGalley queue to read some more digital review copies, including a few for upcoming virtual book tours. 

Nonfiction wise, I’m excited to get to American Detox*, which I received as a physical review copy several weeks ago. I’m in the mood to be even more angry about healthcare in this country, so a book about the wellness industry and all its issues sounds perfect. 

What about you, book friends? Tell me what you’ve been reading lately! 

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10 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, June 29th 

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry you have to go through this scare and I hope Azula will be fine. We had grape vines that covered our patio arbor and we had 2 dogs. When I learned about grapes being toxic we immediately cut them down because I was stressing that they might eat one. Book Lovers was such a great book – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Take care.

  2. I sure hope Azula will be okay. I did not know grapes were toxic to dogs. I’m sure we gave one of our dogs grapes, but I could be wrong. I am getting ready to read Book Lovers this week.

    • Thank you! Her results came back normal so the vet says she should be fine. I didn’t know about the grapes either. Apparently the toxic dose isn’t really known so they have to be cautious about any ingested. Who knew!

      I hope you enjoy Book Lovers as much as I am!

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