Book Mail Monday 7/11/22

Happy Monday, book friends! I’ve done a great job over the last month or so of being more mindful about how much stuff I bring into the house.

But books aren’t just stuff, they are definitely magic. Which means I’ve kept up with my book box subscription to Authentic Books.

Friday was a big mail day in our house, with my Authentic Books box and Azula’s pup box arriving together.

This month, I chose The Beach Trap for my box. The summer vibes have never really kicked in at work, so I’m grabbing the summer feeling wherever I can. This box came with iced tea packets, which I immediately brewed up.

As you can see, Azula loves getting her monthly box of toys and treats. She always knows which packages are hers and gets very excited. 

My husband also got another book about market gardening this week, his latest favorite subject to read about.

That’s it for the new books (and barks) that have entered the house this week! Hope your week is off to a good start, and let me know if you’ve brought any exciting new books into your space lately.

(Full Disclosure: I have no formal relationship with either of these brands—they’re just subscriptions I enjoy & purchase on my own. Authentic Books link is an affiliate link which saves you $5 on your first box and earns me $5 off my next one.)


2 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday 7/11/22

  1. What great subscription boxes! I love the idea of a book box subscription but they are so expensive here in Canada that I haven’t fell in love with one enough to justify the expense. I hope you both enjoy them!

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