What We’re Reading Wednesday, July 13th 

Happy Wednesday, book friends! After feeling out of sorts for the last couple weeks, I woke up yesterday without a headache and it felt amazing. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to wake up without pain and start my day on a less grumpy note, and I feel significantly more energetic as a result.

Last weekend, I made time for some baking, which really helped engage my creativity in a different way. I made sweet rolls based on the treat in the Skyrim video game and also baked the next recipe from my Great British Bake Off tie in cookbook. It took several hours, but there’s nothing quite like the tangible, edible results of a baking extravaganza. 

In addition to making all these tasty treats, I did also get back into a reading groove over the last week, which is exciting. That said, let’s jump right in with the updates! 

(Full disclosure: Book links are Bookshop.org affiliate links, which earn me a small comission at no additional cost to you.)

Recent Reads

I’ve been puttering around with several different books this past week, so I don’t think I’ve actually finished any of the ones I’ve started just yet. I did finish baking my way through the Biscuits & Tea Time Treats chapter of my GBBO cookbook, though! Next up, bread week(s)!

Current Reads

I picked up Alexis Hall’s A Lady for a Duke and finally started Amanda Aksel’s No Funny Business this week. I’m enjoying both of them in very different ways, and it’s certainly interesting to read a regency romance (Lady for a Duke) and a contemporary one (Funny Business) simultaneously. 

I’ll be going on a friend trip this weekend with my childhood bestie (and OG book friend), so I expect we’ll take some time reading and I’ll finish both of these along with however many additional books I pack. It will be many. It always is. 

Bit stalled in the audiobook and self-care reading departments still, but we’ll get there! 

Up Next & On to You

I’ve got no idea what I’m reading next just yet, but I bet I’ll make a lot of choices really quickly when I pack for my weekend trip. My Kindle is fully loaded with advanced reader copies and my TBR cart is bursting with possibilities. 

Because it’s taken me so long to finish By the Book, I have quite the backlog of audiobooks that I can listen to on the drive, as well, plus an audiobook credit to spare. In my library, I have On Rotation, The Sweetest Connection, and The Cartographers, so let me know if any of these is a particularly compelling listen to keep me company on my 3.5 hour drive! 

What about you, book friends? What are you reading lately, and how is it treating you? 

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2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, July 13th 

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Your baking looks amazing too. Have a wonderful weekend away with your bestie!

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. And that you’re off on a trip with your best friend! Have a wonderful time!

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