TBR Thursday #8: Tarot Edition

Happy Thursday, book friends! This morning, I felt inspired to pull out my tarot books and do a little photo shoot for Bookstagram with the new Dungeons & Dragons inspired oracle deck I bought recently. Then I realized I’ve never actually read a single one of my tarot books from cover to cover, which means… this TBR Thursday, I’m featuring my tarot stack!

Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

I am deeply obsessed with the cover of this book, and I love the casual, conversational tone Cynova uses to talk about tarot. This is the first tarot book I ever purchased, and I’ve read a good half of iit but have never finished it because I always wound up getting distracted. It’s a great reference and a good book to learn about reading tarot.

The Tarot Inspired Life by Jaymi Elford

Once upon a former bookish internet life, I got all kinds of wonderful physical review copies from a certain spiritual book company due to my role writing for a certain popular bookish website. This is one of the books that showed up in the mail and which I’ve kept over the years because I will read it eventually. I love the idea of using the tarot in daily life and often draw a card in the morning to reflect on the day ahead.

Tarot Elements by Melissa Cynova

This is another ARC from the bygone days. It’s by the same author as Kitchen Table Tarot but goes more specifically into how the different tarot cards relate to the elements, with different readings for each element. I have a vague understanding of which suites align with each element (swords for air, cups for water, pentacles for earth, and wands for fire), but hope to deepen my understanding by reading this book.

Hope you enjoyed this special tarot edition of TBR Thursdays! Do you enjoy collecting books about your hobbies like I do?

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