Furbaby Friday 7/29/22

Happy Friday, book friends! Another busy week for me, but a very productive one. It’s been rainy here in Pittsburgh, which also means it’s cooled down a little bit.

Azula doesn’t really care for the rain, so she got a very short walk on Wednesday when the light drizzle picked up while we were out.

Personally, I love the rain. It makes me feel cozy and ready to curl up with a good book. I even enjoy a run in the light rain on a hot day, so it’s been a pretty solid week for me.

Our morning and evening snuggle routine has been on point, aside from Monday night’s D&D session. I’ve even been reading a bit again, which feels nice.

Then, Sims 4 put out a new expansion pack (High School Years), so I assume that’s pretty much what I’m doing this weekend. That, plus the usual groceries and meal prep and laundry. Azula doesn’t really care either way as long as she can snuggle.

That’s pretty much it for Azula and I this week. How was your week, book friends? Hope you’ve got a good weekend ahead.


7 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 7/29/22

  1. Have fun playing SIMs and snuggling with Azula. My week was not as good as yours. My son and DIL were in a car accident and she was in the hospital for 2 nights. I spend a lot of time with my grandkids. My daughter is moving 2000 km. away and is trying to sell her house so I have been dealing with her anxiety. I did get some good reading time in though.

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