Mini Review: How to Be a Moonflower

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It’s no secret here at Your Book Friend that I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. I just haven’t felt much like reading lately, for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here. 

Yet, I did recently finish at least one book. How to be a Moonflower by Katie Daisy isn’t a book I would ever have picked out for myself. I received it as a gift from a friend who, unlike me, often stays up past 9pm. 

It’s a collection of illustrations with quotes and tips for how to embrace the various phases of nighttime. The hardcover book is in full color, every page a piece of art. Beauitful artistic renderings of the night, a time which I, a chronic morning person, usually spend sleeping. 

I decided to read slash admire a few pages of this book each night before bed, to settle in to the would-be darkness. This time of year, I am often in bed before it’s truly dark, and this book being a love letter to nighttime made me realize I kind of miss that darkness. A little bit. I’ll take that back once it’s winter and getting dark at 4pm, I’m sure. 

How to be a Moonflower is more of a visual experience than a reading one, though I did appreciate some of the quotes and recipes. Every page is stunningly beautiful and the light musings intersperced with the images were very soothing. 

My only complaint with this book is that some of the pages are a bit difficult to read due to the combination of colors from the artwork and the handwritten style of the text.

In all, though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book of love letters to the phases of night. Will I plant a night garden? Probably not. But will I flip through this book at bed time to help me settle in to the night? Most likely. 

If you enjoy illustrations and/or the night, this might be a nice book for you to keep on your bedside or coffee table, whichever you like. I’m certainly glad it wound up in my life and am even considering buying another book by the same author/illustrator. 

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2 thoughts on “Mini Review: How to Be a Moonflower

  1. I’m glad your reading slump is getting better. This sounds like a pleasant book, and it would be nice to just read a few pages before I went to bed.

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