What We’re Reading Wednesday, August 3rd 

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August has arrived and with it, the busiest season for those of us who work in higher education. With new student orientation around the corner and the new semester right on its heels, I’m scrambling to get everything ready to go. 

This time of year is always difficult for me as an introvert who needs alone time to huddle up with a book and my pup and absolutely no one making words at me with their mouths. It’s an exciting time as well, that back-to-school energy filling me with a sense of posibility and newness. 

Mentally, my mind pretty much skips from July right to October in terms of things to look forward to, because October is usually about when things slow down enough for me to catch my breath. So, I’m already thinking about all the witchy books I’m going to read during spooky season as if August and September don’t exist for my reading life. I just ordered a handful of books so I can stare at them in anticipation of Witchtober. 

Busy though I am this time of year, the reading does go on in small doses sprinkled in between all of the responsibilities. So, let’s get to this week’s update! 

Recent Reads

No updates here, as I haven’t finished anything new lately. Unless you count me reading the Sims 4 notification wall as I learn all the new additions from the latest expansion, High School Years. 

Current Reads

I’ve made some progress with my morning self-care book, Witchcraft Therapy, this week and expect to finish soon. This book has some good nuggets and a fun tone, but I think I read too many similar witchy self-care titles in a row. Nothing feels that new or interesting, so I’m going to try something a little different when I pick my next morning nonfiction/self-help read. 

In the evenings I’m chipping away at the last little bit of Amanda Aksel’s No Funny Business. At about 85% through, we’re getting into the meat of the personal growth part of the story (burger pun definitely intended), and I’m very interested to see where we end up. 

Up Next & On To You

There are so many books I want to read next that I feel a bit overwhelmed with the thought of picking! I am going to grab something from the TBR cart next, but I’m not entirely sure what. Possibly Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, which just arrived in the mail on Monday? I’m feeling that pull to read a bit outside my usual memoir and romance go-tos, and this one might fit the bill while also delivering on a love story. 

My Goodreads shelves will tell you I’ve struggled to settle in with any one book recently and have left a shelf of partly read books in my wake. So, maybe I’ll finish one of those, like The Island of Missing Trees

These are questions for future Amanda to answer, and hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you by the time next What We’re Reading Wednesday rolls around! 

What about you, book friends? How has the reading been treating you lately? 

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