Furbaby Friday 8/5/2022

Happy Friday! Azula and I have had a long week alone together while Andy was out of town for work. Whenever he is away, I wake up to find Azula has curled up right next to my chest, snuggled up where she isn’t allowed when dad is around. I always look forward to these extra cozy moments with her.

The darker side of it being just the two of us is that she spends the workday home alone, building up energy to be a chaos pooch when I get home. As a Blue Heeler / Australian Shepherd mix, Azula needs a lot of exercise and it’s hard to make that happen when you work an 8 hour day and it’s 90 degrees outside in the evening when you get home.

You better throw this ball for me right now, mom

Nevertheless, it’s been a pretty good week. She’s tucked up against my leg as I write this, her favorite spot to hang out in the mornings and evenings. I’ve been reading in the mornings while she chews her bone vigorously to try and work out some of her energy, and there have been many fetchies in the evenings.

On Wednesday, we went for a run together, which I always love. One of the reasons I wanted a Blue Heeler was because they’re supposed to be good running dogs, and Azula definitely has the need for speed. She always looks so adorably happy when we’re running, even if my pace is a bit slower than she would run if left to her own devices.

I also finished two books this week, and it feels really good to be back in the reading groove! I even started listening to an audiobook, The Bodyguard, while we took our walks.

She dropped her bone

In all, it’s been a long week for the both of us and we’re both looking forward to having Andy back home today. Azula keeps forgetting he isn’t here in the mornings and following me upstairs when I go up to change for my workout, which is usually about when she gets to go say good morning to her dad.

That’s about it for Azula and me! I hope the week has treated you well and that you’ve got a good weekend ahead!


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